Happy Earth Day Babes

This morning as I awoke and I realized how blessed I am to live on this beautiful planet I realized we aren’t doing enough to care for it. 

I opened up my mailbox to find an email from someone I know and admire telling me this: 

“80% of the world’s terrestrial plants and animals live in forests and are losing their habitats to deforestation” !!! (Exclamations added by yours truly) 

So heres the deal babes , here at TPB we have  decided we have to do more. We’ve decided we want to give back, but we neeeeed your HELP. Please tell us what organizations you believe we should partner with to give back a percentage of our sales to. We’re looking for organizations that are truly doing good giving back and that we might not already know of! 

As you know we are here to help you Love What You Live In and this is more than just clothes! We live on this planent and we LOVE it! 

and we love you too! 

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