BIG KIDS - Raw Amber + Shungite - Radiation Blocker Necklace

Natural Relief: We combined the natural healing of Baltic Amber, which helps with teething symptoms like Irritability, fussiness, drooling, pain inflammation while supporting their developing immune systems; with the following Gemstones: Agate and Amethyst for an overall happier and more relaxed baby. Certfified by GIA: We only use the highest quality Baltic Amber and Gemstones which have been certified by the Gemological Institute of America. 

Made in United States of America

Boost your kids immune system naturally! Amber necklaces are not only for babies! Older kids and adults can benefit of amber's healing properties as well. It helps with chronic sinus issues, asthma, ear aches, headaches, growing pains and focus. This handcrafted necklace is made with raw unpolished baltic amber and a shungite to help block radiation.
Made in United States of America

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