Stella Babouche Slipper


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++ size ++

M: 23.5cm EU 38
L: 24.5cm EU 40
LL: 26cm EU 42
3L: 27cm EU 43
4L: 28cm EU 44


sheep leather Moroccan sheep are grown on small farms. Many farms are less than 1ha and they grow not only sheep but also cows, many kinds of vegetables and fruits.
A lot of farmers do multicultural agriculture. I love the way they grow animals and people use all of the material.

++ our babouche ++

babouche is a traditional Moroccan slipper made by hand with natural materials. Our babouches are different from what you can find in the market in Marrakesh. It is made with the best quality leather by the best craftsmen. Color and design are original.
Made in Morocco