Alpaca Running Socks



Supersoft, supportive, durable sports socks, designed for all season high-intensity activity and running.

Composition: 42% Alpaca, 33% Acrylic, 23% Nylon, 2% Spandex

Care: Machine wash cold, low heat low tumble

Features: • Comfortable: Soft rib cushion knit panel for under foot • Great fit: chunky ankle tabs keep socks in place, prevent blisters and stop dust getting in • Made to Last: Reinforced heel and toe for extra durability • Insulating: alpaca has unique insulating properties • Moisture-wicking: alpaca helps your feet stay dry with breathable top mesh panel. • Anti-bacterial - Low sweat / bacteria absorption keeps your socks clean and hygienic. This means less washing which in turn will help the socks last longer. My teenage daughter for whom these socks were conceived is an endurance runner and still trying to wear out her first pair! The card sleeves are designed to go round 2 or 3 pairs.