Photo of Astghik (stella) and Araxia

Hello ! 

We are so glad you are here with us ❤️❤️❤️

We are Stella and Araxia, two sisters who were tired of not being able to find the style of clothing we needed to fit our multifaceted  lives as mothers, working professionals, and unique individuals who love to be confident and comfortable going out with our friends and husbands. 

Araxia was dissatisfied with  maternity clothes and thought that there must  be a better solution for a woman to not have to change her wardrobe every time she was pregnant or breastfeeding and sought out sourcing items that would grow with a woman's lifestyle. 

Stella, after living in Paris, couldn't believe that the only way to find luxurious, high-quality clothing in California was to go to either high-end boutiques that did not cater to every stage in life or a giant department store where the sense of community was lost.  

We booked a trip to LA and started our journey to find clothing that would fill the needs of ourselves and other women. We knew that if we just looked carefully and got creative we could find clothing that served everything we were searching for. 

As sisters who care for mama earth and value the people who produce the clothing we buy, we also wanted to find brands that were ethically made in California or sourced from ethical production as much as possible. We do our best to give small business owners who design and create great things with passion a spot in our store.

We wanted to cut out all of the guesswork for our clients by curating an assortment of amazing wardrobe basics as well as gorgeous statement and occasion garments for special events that made you feel and look your best. We source our products carefully so that you don't have to wonder if the clothes produced in a sweatshop,or if you can wear it to breastfeed in, or even if it is appropriate for the office?

With our vision, the stress of shopping would be eliminated and women could feel safe sharing their stories, overcoming their insecurities by finding clothes for their body type, and get a personal shopping experience with us. 

We have now made our vision a reality with amazing products available for not only women but also men and children. We source ethically made, high quality and sustainable items that look great, feel great, and priced competitively for all the individuals within growing families. 

We know how essential our clothes are for conveying and expressing our unique identities to the world as well as ourselves and believe we ought to Love what we live in!