Birth Month Seed Necklace



We have had many requests for birth month flower necklaces but couldn’t find a feasible way to fit Holly (December), Cosmos (October), or Daffodils (March), among others, into tiny pendants. This roadblock led us to search for another option and the idea of preserving the seed for each of the traditional birth month flowers was born. 

Nature provides us with many striking metaphors for life, one of our favorites is the metaphor of the seed. Isn’t it incredible to think of the potential for growth, beauty, and fruit that is contained in each tiny seed. It is our hope that this necklace will not only encourage you with the symbolism of your birth flower but also remind you of all the potential you possess. 

  • January - Carnation, a symbol of affection. 

  • February - Violet, a symbol of faithfulness. 

  • March - Daffodil - a symbol of rebirth. 

  • April - Daisy, a symbol of hope.

  • May - Hawthorn, a symbol of hope and happiness. 

  • June - Rose, a symbol of love

  • July - Larkspur (delphinium), a symbol of grace. 

  • August - Poppy, a symbol of peace.

  • September - Aster, a symbol of powerful love.

  • October - Cosmos, a symbol of order peace, and serenity.

  • November - Chrysanthemum, a symbol of pure love. 

  • December - Holly, a symbol of a wish for happiness. 

The symbolism of your birth month flower is printed on a tag included with you necklace. Both chain options are gold plated and measures 18" long.