Last week my sister-in-law Lidiya texted me, "Hey girl, random guys don't happen to have any white dresses do you?"
I responded, "Yes, of course, but only 2". After I sent her photos of the two dresses she chose one of them to wear to her last minute event. She did not need to go shopping at several location, she did not even need to try it on when she picked it up. I was a little nervous, I thought she really needed to try it on. Her words were that she trusts us and knows it will fit perfectly. After this exchange with Liydia, we realized that this is the kind of boutique we've wanted, but did not ahve the words to describe it. The best way we can describe it is in the phrase  "Your Sisters Closet".
Imagine your sisters closet being so big, filled with comfortable, sexy, unique, sexy, and many other styles and the best part being, these clothes come in ALL sizes (0-XXX) not only the 0-4 that we are all so used to seeing in every store. They are garments that are good for all occassions and seasons. These cloths are affortable and only a text message away!
So next time you wish your sisters closet was this amazing know that you can think of The Pomegranate Boutique as "Your Sisters Closet".
October 27, 2017 — Araxia Manukyan

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