Why shop local?

Lessons I have learned int he last few years.

In 2010 I had the privilege of interning for Susan Eggman, my professor and Stockton City Councilwoman. Susan taught me many great lessons, but one lesson I think about daily is the idea of supporting local business. She was avid local shopper and would even make sure she got gas in her neighborhood so she could support the local business. This supports not only the local business but the neighboring area because the taxes paid. She would encourage us to do the same.

Since 2010 I am I more mindful every time I am buying groceries, clothes, gas, crafts, coffee etc.In a sense by going to my neighborhood stores I feel like I am going to my neighbor. Now I see this value as being in line with the golden rule of  "loving my neighbor as myself". I used to think if I had a business I would want my neighbors to buy from me rather than a big box store…

Now, since my sister and I have started The Pomegranate Boutique this idea is coming full circle. So often we are told, you will reap what you sow… Hopefully I reap my neighbors support. I now have been supporting local, shopping local in attempts to grow local economy. This is a growing concept, but for some this concept is their livelihood. I hope to remain in my mindfulness and become more aware of my surroundings so I can support locally. This applies to all the things I love around me so they can continue to flourish. We believe in blooming where you’re planted and that is exactly what we are trying to do.

October 13, 2017 — Araxia Manukyan


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Jacqueline said:

Hi Araxia! It’s Jackie :) I just came across your website and it’s so beautiful! The pictures, the style, the story, but most of all your genuine words about supporting women and practicing self care. You have always been such an inspiration and I really hope to see your face soon! Text me when you’re free 916-384-5485. 💖

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