Buddhist Temple Rings



Buddhist temple ring sealed in hypoallergenic rubber. To be worn continuously, including in the swimming pool or at the seaside. To be placed on your fingers as in the photos!

Size guide (indicative value):

M - euro 54-57 US size 6-8

The rings are made by monks at Buddhist temples.

Each ring is unique and has a sacred character. Roughness and irregularities are considered natural and are an inherent part of the jewelry. By its nature, the ring is flexible (easy to put on), light. Worn in accumulation on the same finger or on the same hand, the effect is sublime!

Buddhist jewelry brings its wearer luck and good fortune. They are robust and made to be worn continuously. They therefore do not fear showers, nor sea bathing, nor the swimming pool. It is even better not to remove them! Finally, they are hypoallergenic and therefore suitable for the whole family.