Cypress Tote

By Ichcha

As petite people, we've struggled to find things that fit our size. We'd have to shorten everything as most items in stores are made for a more general population of size of 5'5 and above. That's what made us want to make things for petite people like us. Here is a bag which won't lag and will sit well with a person of a petite size. Hand block printed on organic cotton handloomed fabric and dyed in indigo, this bag has a 2" gusset that expands as the items you add. It has a small pocket inside to keep your phone, or any such small items. It's 100% washable. Plastics have been choking our oceans and all the animals in it. We carry our own bags to the grocery stores and thus stopped bringing home any plastic bags. Imagine if we ALL did the same thing, there will be no demand for the plastic bags and thus, there will be no plastic bags.


color: dark indigo

fabric: 100% heavy weight organic cotton

approximately 14" x 15" - inches with a gusset of 2"