Mushroom Self Watering Glass



Introducing the latest breakthrough in indoor gardening - the self-watering Mushroom Glass Planter! Crafted with premium lead-free glass, this innovative device ensures that your plants stay hydrated and healthy, even when you're too busy to water them. With its eye-catching mushroom shape and durable construction, this planter is both stylish and functional. Set includes 1 PCS Material: Lead-Free Glass Size: 9.1" X 3.94 It's the perfect size to accommodate a range of plants, from succulents to herbs. Simply fill the glass with water and let your plants absorb the moisture - it's that easy! Say goodbye to watered plants and embrace the convenience of self-watering technology. Perfect for both seasoned green thumbs and novice gardeners, this device is sure to be a beloved addition to your indoor garden. Get your self-watering Mushroom Glass Planter today and experience the joys of hassle-free gardening!