The Dreamsoft Travel Carry Pouch


Introducing the perfect companion for your Dreamsoft Travel Scarf – our organic cotton Carry Pouch. Made from the same signature soft organic cotton, each pouch is designed to coordinate with our Dreamsoft Travel Scarf collection. Sized perfectly to store your scarf on the go, it features a convenient purse loop and luggage strap to allow for hands free travel. Wondering which color pairs best? Shop our suggestions below. BIRCH POUCH = SCARVES (Blush colorblock / Birch / Mulberry Colorblock) BLACK POUCH = SCARVES (Gray colorblock / Black) GRAPHITE POUCH = SCARVES (Brownstone Colorblock / Graphite / Teal Colorblock) * 100% Organic Cotton * Hypoallergenic * GOTS Certified Organic * 12" X 18" * Machine Wash * Ethically Made in India