Wooden Beads Leather Bracelet: Pink


Saachi introduces the perfect accessory to elevate your style - the Wooden Beads Leather Bracelet! This bracelet, uniquely blended with natural wood beads, braided leather, and a stunning golden heart charm, is crafted from premium quality materials. The wooden beads are strung with supple leather wires, creating a stylishly durable piece perfect for everyday wear. The braided leather with metallic sheen adds a touch of sophistication to the design, while the textured leather gives it a rugged edge. The highlight of this bracelet is the exquisite golden heart ornament that exudes elegance and grace. The contrast between the warm tones of the wooden beads and the golden heart creates a stunning visual appeal, making it an eye-catching addition to any ensemble. Whether dressing up for an event or adding a touch of class to your casual outfit, this bracelet makes a statement. Materials: Wood Beads, Vegan Leather, Real Leather Size: 7.75"" x 1"" Magnetic Clasp"