During our Pomegranate journey we have talked about supporting other women. We've tried to think outside the box and come up with ways to help and be supportive of others. Giving back is definitely. something we like to do. We keep asking ourselves, "How? What's the best way?"
Well werecently decided that one way we can is through giving back to women in need.
Who are these women? Well we decided that there are women all around us who need support themselves or on the other hand there are women who try to fundraise and give back to a cause. So here are our three propsals.

1. Individual women who would like to make some extra cash can schedule a "party" time with us to bring their sisters, cousins, and friends to shop. We would donate 15% of the proceeds that their invites had spent to them.

2. Women who are looking for ways to fund raise for anWomen who are looking for ways to fund raise for an organization can alsoWomen who are looking for ways to fundraise for an organization can also organize a shopping event with their family and friends at the boutique and we will donate 20% of the proceeds to the organization.

3. Finally we all know someone who is struggling in her life if you would like to get women who may want to support this individual and bring them shopping in the pomegranate boutique we will give 20% to this struggling individual.

(Please share this we would love to get the word out to everyone!!)

We are so excited to create a space for beauty that is more than just skin deep!

October 04, 2017 — Araxia Manukyan

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